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Handle bars, Titanium, Carbon or Aluminum ?

Why Titanium Handlebars? Titanium is a wonderful material for a handlebar. A bit more weight than carbon but for a small weight increase you get an unparralled ride feel, strength and the Roost Ti bars look incredible. Transform Your Ride Feel The upshot of the Roost Bike Titanium handlebar is that they ride a little […]

Roost hubs and carbon rims

Lets talk wheels

Let’s talk wheels Upgrading your wheels can have a big impact on the way your bike rides. Buying a new pair of mountain bike wheels is a sizeable investment, but choose wisely and it can actually be the most transformative upgrade to your riding experience that you can make. On the surface, wheels simply roll […]

Roost Nero Blue Spank

Mountain bike accessories you need to keep an eye on in 2021

Every ride is unique. So is every rider and every bike for that matter! This is fortunate because the more you ride, the more you develop a distinct riding personality (I’ve seen a lot of them over the years, both in myself and in our riding community). One of the very obvious ways to identify […]

Titanium Manufacturing in the Workshop

Unpacking our community’s obsession with titanium framesets

The titanium frameset has reached an almost mystical status. The kind of level that deserves to be spoken about in hushed, reverent tones at all times. All bikers know that there are a few things in life you shouldn’t cut corners with. We know we speak for many of you when we say that the […]

Titanium vs carbon vs aluminium bike frames: weighing in on a community debate!

Hardcore biking enthusiasts like those of you within our community are familiar with the pros and cons of various bike material. That’s why opinion in the biker community is often divided between titanium, aluminium and carbon bikes. We’re firm believers that every biker is different. Regardless of experience, many of us have unique needs that […]

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