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Mountain bike accessories you need to keep an eye on in 2021

Roost Nero Blue Spank

Every ride is unique. So is every rider and every bike for that matter!

This is fortunate because the more you ride, the more you develop a distinct riding personality (I’ve seen a lot of them over the years, both in myself and in our riding community). One of the very obvious ways to identify a riding personality is the kind of frame they prefer—aluminium, carbon, steel or titanium.

Another way to determine this is by what kind of trails they prefer to ride.

Everyone has unique specifications for their mountain bike depending on their lifestyle and riding style. The more time you spend on your bike, the more you understand what you need to make your riding experience better!

How do you do this? With mountain bike accessories and upgrades. There is no shortage of bike accessories available on the market, but getting a quality ride depends on separating the fads from the mountain bike accessories that add to your rides.

These are the accessories you need to keep an eye on while you ride through 2021.

Mountain bike accessories that keep you hydrated

This is the classic. It is the first modification any mountain bike rider (definitely everyone in our riding community) would make to their bike.

For us, the first thing we do is fit a water bottle cage to our bikes. This is an easy addition to make but makes all the difference on the hard rides. After a great run on your favourite trails, there’s nothing more refreshing than an easily accessible drink of water.

Getting a reliable, sturdy, and lightweight water bottle cage will give you all the (obvious) benefits of having hydration at hand while ensuring that the balance of your mountain bike is not compromised by the additional weight.

Accessories that improve portability

A recurring challenge for many of our riders (especially if more than one person in their household is a rider) is transporting their bikes to the trails. Finding the perfect transportation method that protects both your vehicle and your bikes, sometimes, seems impossible.

Every rider has their preferences when it comes to overcoming this issue, but when it comes to mountain bike accessories that are useful, tailgate pads are pretty high up on our list!

The Roost twin tailgate pads are designed to protect both your tailgate and your bikes (that’s right, it can carry two bikes!). We’ve also found that a lot of our riders prefer the Roost twin tailgate pads, especially if they have a reverse camera on their tailgate.

Accessories that guide how—and how fast—you move

Mountain bike accessories step up your biking game in measurable ways. This means that choosing the right products, built with the right materials, the right way, makes all the difference.

Pedals get pushed around a lot, but they keep you grounded. The right pedals will keep your feet on the pedals and boost your performance.

When it comes to pedals, you need the Roost Nero Pedals that withstand the wear and tear of your adventures. Your pedals need to be lightweight enough that it doesn’t change the quality of your ride. They also need to support greater endurance and strength. Our carefully designed concave pedal will keep your feet on the pedal and help with those nasty shin accidents.

How Roost Bike will transform the way you ride in 2021

There’s a lot riding on your mountain bike as we head into a whole new year of adventures on the trails!

Here at Roost Bike, we specialise in creating the perfect bike for you. This means high-quality mountain bike accessories built with care and purpose. You don’t need to keep buying the latest high-tech gadgets every few months that promise to transform your mountain bike. Especially when you invest wisely in long-lasting, high-quality products.

Our titanium bike products are handcrafted with the precision and attention to detail that will serve you well on the trails.

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