About Roost Bike

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Who are we?

We are a small boutique company based in Australia run by riders for riders. When dealing with Roost Bike you deal directly with the designers, test rider and owners of the company.  We are not a large sausage factory that oozes out 1,000’s of bikes. Our products are handmade and manufactured to the highest production standards.

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Our beliefs.

At Roost Bike we encourage our clients to help us develop our products through creative sharing, testing and open ideas. We are a small boutique business keeping our cost realistic to make our products affordable yet at a high standard. We test ride all our products and push them to the limits. We partner with other suppliers to bring you other components to help you build your dream ride.

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Where are we?

Roost Bike HQ and warehouse is in Perth West Australia. Our products are sold retail from our website and through our distributors. In some locations we have demo bikes. We ship our products to any destination around the world.



Testing is one of the most important stages during production and process, all our products go through both FEA and trail testing.

Our founder has over 40 years of racing and riding bikes all over the world and personally tests all Roost bike products. He rides trails not normally ridden on hardtails and pushes them to the limits.

We ride dirt – We build the bikes we ride – We have a obsession for speed.