Roost titanium MTB handlebars riser range
Roost Titanium Riser Handlebars

Roost Titanium Riser Handlebars


Our famous Roost Titanium handlebars, now available in flat and 20mm or 30mm riser versions with new logos!

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UPDATE: 30mm rise model is back in stock now!

That Unique Feel of Titanium Handlebars

Titanium is a wonderful material for a handlebar. With it’s unparalleled ride and strength, and that unmistakable brushed raw Titanium look, the Roost Titanium handlebar has become famous for a good reason.

The upshot of a Titanium handlebar is that they ride more comfortably than aluminum or carbon handlebars (30% more compliant on average), especially on bigger hits, where they take the sting off.  It’s a great compromise; they’re comfortable, but not so flexible that they give a vague steering feel or unpredictable handling.

This bar will look good and ride well on your bike for years to come. Roost bars come in 31.8mm diameter at 800mm wide with 20mm and 30mm rise options. We also have a flat handlebar which is 31.8mm diameter and 780mm width. Roost Titanium handlebars are the very best you can buy for an MTB.

Roost titanium handlebars Roost logo close up

Tested: Most Compliant Handlebar 2024

Our Titanium handlebars scored as the Best Handlebar for Compliance in a  recent head-to-head lab test by the folks at BikeRumor. All 3 models were put through the wringer in a lab test by Faction Bike Studios and also subject to a blind trail test.

The Roost Titanium Handlebars scored on average 40% more compliant than carbon and 30% more compliant than aluminum.

“On the trail, this compliance is quite noticeable, particularly when riding them back to back with stiffer bars. They soak up larger hits and impacts much more readily, and they do, in fact, provide an overall higher level of comfort.” BikeRumor

Roost titanium mtb handlebar most compliant bikerumor

New Branding and Rise Options

We have just released 2 new rise options and new branding on our bars. The logos are now lazer marked to make them last for ages. We have added a sandblasted section to the clamping area to increase stem grip.

Roost titanium handlebars range wide

Designed and Made to Last

Our Roost Titanium Handlebar is designed and tested to pass ISO4210 standard which involves fatigue testing of 100,000 applications at 450N of force downwards and upwards + 270N torsional force.

Titanium handlebars are known to be tough and long lasting – Ti is highly resistant to damage making them tough enough to withstand some big stacks. You can also remove most scratches with a few rubs from a scotch brite pad to return them to the brushed finish.

Roost titantium handlebars quality testing

Never Worry About Scratches

A scotch brite pad makes quick work removing scratches, rub marks or any parts that look untidy after a season of riding. The pad will remove most of the grime that sits in the surface of the metal and effectively return the original brushed finish.

Ti handlebar clean up with scotch brite pad

Go Full Ti with a Roost Stem

Complete the look with a Roost Dominator stem in 35mm or 42.5mm length. Our Titanium stems have been designed for stiffness and to suit our Ti handlebars as a matching pair.

Because our stem is machined out of a single block of Titanium, as oppose to most which are made from welded Ti tubes, it is much stiffer and gives you  more of a confident feel to your steering while the handlebars give you the compliance you need to dampen vibrations.

Check out our Titanium Stems here!

Roost Titanium Stem and titanium handlebars

Chosen by Rad People: Montanus Bikepacking Builds

We’re super proud to see our titanium handlebars out there doing the hardest work on some amazing rigs. The boys from Montanus choose our Roost Titanium Handlebars, Titanium stem and our pedals for their builds.

Check out their bike build video and write up here: 

Write up on


Chosen by Rad People: Steve from hardtail Party

Steve loves our Titanium Handlebars too! Check out what he has to say in this quick review.

Hardtail Party on YouTube


Titanium Handlebars Holding Lots of Stuff

Get ready for some lush visuals as the Montanus team saddle up on another epic ride and film adventure. Watch as they ride the “Ring of Fire” by the Chilean Andes.

See the video here: 

Cordillera De Fuego Film


Why No 35mm Clamp?

We don’t have a 35mm clamp version. This is due to the thickness of the material piping where the stretched clamp section can become too thin to make the 35mm clamp. It can be done but it’s not safe enough for us and won’t pass our tests – be careful if you do find one! It also makes the handlebar much stiffer and you lose some of the compliance.

Additional information

Weight.42 kg
Dimensions800 × 60 × 60 cm

Flat Bar, 20mm Rise, 30mm Rise


Upsweep0 degrees5 degrees5 degrees
Backsweep5 degrees9 degrees9 degrees
MaterialGR9 Ti3Al2.5VGR9 Ti3Al2.5VGR9 Ti3Al2.5V
Testing ComplianceISO4210-2014-5ISO4210-2014-5ISO4210-2014-5


What is the backsweep and upsweep?

Both the 20mm and 30mm rise versions are 9 degrees backsweep and 5 degrees upsweep. The flat bar is 5 degrees backsweep.

Can you cut them down?

Yes absolutely! The best way is using a pipe cutter (nothing special required). Sawing is possible but the material is hard so it takes longer and a considerable amount more effort to do it this way.

How do you repair scratches?

These handlebars are made from Ti alloy so they will naturally mark. You can clean up marks with a scotchbrite pad to return the brushed finish. The medium or fine pads are recommended.

Do you make a 35mm clamp version?

We do not. There are a few reasons for this. A 35mm clamp section makes the bar stiffer which is the opposite to the compliance that our customers are seeking with our Ti handlebar. It also requires a thicker material to make the material and bends safe enough to pass tests which also increases stiffness and weight.

Do you make custom versions?

Unfortunately we don’t offer this at the moment.

Are you releasing wider sweep/higher rise versions?

We are always working on new products and new versions. Make sure to follow us on our socials to be in the loop about our latest releases.

Where are your handlebars designed and made?

We design our products in Australia. We use a number of family owned factories in China that exceed our high quality and product safety requirements.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes we ship to every country we can, barring any sanctions – sorry! We ship mostly to USA, Australia, UK, and regions Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa etc.

Do you offer returns?

If you’re unhappy for any reason please get in touch. We do replace faulty items. If you’re unhappy for whatever reason we will do our best to rectify the situation for you.