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What you learn the hard way about tailgate pads—and why it may not be true!

Roost BIke Tailgate Pad

Most of us know what it feels like to be out on the trails. The adrenaline, the community, the satisfying sound of your wheels, the air rushing past you, and so on. We could go on, but that seems sufficient for now.

Being out on the trails is why we do what we do, as a community. Here at Roost Bike, it’s that feeling that we help you chase on high-quality tools.

We love most parts of the biking process. There’s one part, however, that tends to be a hit or a miss with our community. And that’s the journey to the trails. The process of loading your bike in the back of your vehicle and driving off shouldn’t be that painful, but it is. 

Especially when it comes to choosing the best method of transportation.

There’s one especially divisive accessory on the mountain bike market that is built to support this process. You probably know what it is already, either from the title of this post or with the flashbacks you have of scratched paint and dented bike frames. It is the infamous tailgate pads. 

Whether you’ve tried them out or you haven’t, chances are you’ve heard your share of horror stories about tailgate pads.

It’s fair enough, there’s a lot riding on your tailgate pads and lots to protect. Here are a few things that may help you see them in a new light.

You don’t need to choose between your bike and your paint

That’s right, we said it!

We know tailgate pads get a bad rep, but we were convinced that it’s all just a misunderstanding. We were so confident about this that we went ahead and made our own tailgate pads—just to prove a point 🙂 

Our riders already know that, sometimes, finding the perfect accessory is a trial-and-error process. But the cost is just too high! You don’t want to dent your bike and we don’t want you to either.

There are many reports of tailgate pads wreaking havoc on your downtubes through continuous abrasion or breaking at the seams. That’s why it’s important that you pick high-quality tailgate pads. 

The Roost Bike tailgate pads come with a soft, velvet-type material to protect your tailgate. The secure straps on our tailgate pads make sure that your bike(s) don’t shift or move around on the way to your adventures. 

They are also well padded to ensure that neither your vehicle nor your bike feels the wear and tear of the ride. Only the smoothest rides ahead!

Choose tailgate pads that hold more than one bike

We’re proud to have biking families within our community. This means that when they travel with their bikes together, they need a bike transportation method that can accommodate all their wheels!

Even if you don’t come from a biking family, if I know anything about riders (and I know quite a few) it’s that they can never stop at one bike. 

The Roost Bike tailgate pads come in three sizes. The full-size pad, the twin pad, and the new single bike pad.

When you choose a tailgate pad that can transport more than one bike, we guarantee that it will come in handy sooner rather than later. 

Get tailgate pads that do the work for you from Roost Bike!

Despite the horror stories, tailgate pads persist because of their convenience. They’re easy to use and you don’t need additional cable locks to secure your bike. 

Whether you’re transporting one titanium bike or two, our twin tailgate pads can support them all. 

Our twin tailgate pads do more than just hold your bike(s). Some models come with pockets for easy storage for your bike tools or parts. Your reverse camera will still work even while using the Roost Bike twin tailgate pads. 

Now, you can hit the trails without having your otherwise pleasant day rudely interrupted by the need to secure your bike precariously in your vehicle. Check out our store for mountain bike products that’ll help you feel like the baller you are on the trails!

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