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Unpacking our community’s obsession with titanium framesets

Titanium Manufacturing in the Workshop

The titanium frameset has reached an almost mystical status. The kind of level that deserves to be spoken about in hushed, reverent tones at all times. All bikers know that there are a few things in life you shouldn’t cut corners with. We know we speak for many of you when we say that the frame you use for your bike is one of them.

There’s nothing quite like the heartbreak of your bike letting you down, literally or figuratively.

We believe that the quality of your bike (and your emotional connection to it) has everything to do with the material and the care that goes into building your trusty sidekick.

So, why does a titanium frameset consistently take the cake when it comes to our community’s bike frame of choice?

Titanium frameset: A new entrant in the market?

Titanium bikes may have been around a long time, but it’s only in recent years that titanium has come back into vogue since bikes needed to be stronger and lighter.

That said, a titanium frameset isn’t just the shiny, new toy on the block. It is a strong, lightweight material changing the look and performance of modern bikes.

While titanium framesets from a decade or so ago tended to feel rather ‘soft’, this is no longer the case with modern renditions of these framesets. At Roost Bike, our titanium frameset is strong, deceptively light, and rides like a dream.

Titanium framesets make you feel safer 

In our community, product recalls as a result of poor workmanship or the result of poor material is far too common.

The global bicycle frame market is expected to reach USD 32.8 billion by 2027, according to research conducted by Grand View Research.

A bicycle frame is the backbone of your bicycle and its performance, influencing the weight balance of the vehicle. Aluminium and steel used to be the gold standard in constructing these frames. This all changed when titanium and carbon fibre joined the party.

Our favourite titanium frameset has two key advantages over the rest. They are the reduction of the bike’s weight and an improvement in ride comfort and performance.

A titanium frameset guarantees a smooth ride

Whether you’re still new to our community or you’ve been here for years, I’m sure we can all agree that your bike makes all the difference in your experience (did all the bikes you’ve ever owned just flash before your eyes or was that just us?).

Titanium frames have an inherent compliance that takes the sting out of big hits, reduces vibration over high speed chunder and add a bow-like power transfer to the wheels.

Make a friend for life with a titanium frameset

You and your bike are a team for the rest of your lives—if you treat it right, that is. Treating it right means nothing if your bike wasn’t built to last in the first place, though.

A titanium frameset has seen us through even the hardest of rides. It’s lighter than steel and doesn’t corrode the way steel does. Titanium is also twice as strong as aluminium alloy. To say nothing of its superior fatigue-resistance! There’s a reason why titanium is the material of choice in the aerospace field.

Does the titanium frameset craze make more sense now? 

Our Nero Ti Aggressive MTB titanium frameset is created to take on singletrack, rock gardens, and just about any other terrain you can imagine.

This is a very aggressive hardtail that is crafted with the most up-to-date, finetuned geometry. It’s super fast on the pedals and rails berms. This one makes sure you can take on the trails you never would have dared to venture on with any other frameset!

On top of all of these features, Nero is also lightweight and gorgeous in terms of functionality and aesthetic. The Nero has it all! 

Shop the Roost Bike Nero Ti Aggressive MTB Frame today and discover our slew of winning features for yourself. From the ideal slack head angle and low bottom bracket to short chainstays and a low standover.

Our handcrafted, titanium frameset will change the way you bike. See you on the trails 🙂

Stay tuned for all our new models coming out in the coming months.

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