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Handle bars, Titanium, Carbon or Aluminum ?

Why Titanium Handlebars?

Titanium is a wonderful material for a handlebar. A bit more weight than carbon but for a small weight increase you get an unparralled ride feel, strength and the Roost Ti bars look incredible.

Transform Your Ride Feel

The upshot of the Roost Bike Titanium handlebar is that they ride a little more comfortably than the aluminum or carbon bar’s, especially on bigger hits, where they take the sting off. They work incredibly well to reduce vibration that gets transferred up your arms when riding at high speed and over long distances. The result is less arm pump and hand fatigue among other things. It’s a great compromise, they’re comfortable, but not so flexible that they give a vague steering feel or unpredictable handling.

Better Long Term Value

There is no denying that these bars are on the upper end of the price range, but if you google the big names the Roost bars are very well priced.  So why would anyone want titanium?  Well, it looks cool for one–there’s just something about that corrosion-resistant grey metal some of us love. Longevity and durability are less vain reasons to choose titanium.  Of the three materials, carbon is the most susceptible to damage in a crash, and aluminum has the shortest fatigue life.  Titanium has a longer fatigue life than aluminum and is less vulnerable in a crash than carbon.  Most manufacturers recommend replacing handlebars every one to three years to prevent fatigue failure.  Roost bike recommends every seven years for the titanium bar’s!  In other words, in the long run, the titanium bar costs less and is just so much more sexy than the others.

This bar will look good and ride well on your bike for years. Roost bars come in 31.8mm dia  x  780mm wide with a 30mm rise, 20mm rise and a flat bar option.

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