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Welcome to the Roost Army

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Welcome to the Roost Army our  Influencer program.

The team at Roost Bike are looking forward to working with you as one of our Influencers.

As a Roost Army influencer you will help promote Roost Bike and influence followers to buy our products.

How it works

  1. We issue you with a special coupon code with unlimited use that you can share with your followers. This coupon code will give the follower 10% OFF all Roost products to help you generate sales. It also allows us to track your sales to calculate your monthly commission so make sure they use it.
  2.  If you wish to purchase any Roost products for your own personal use send us a message and we will arrange the products at the current wholesale price, sometimes a little less depending what product.
  3. To purchase Roost Bike frames for your own personal use at special pricing you first need to prove yourself, we don’t just give out a expensive product to everyone. Once you reach $2000 AUD in sales you will have special frame pricing.
  4. Once you hit $500 in sales we send you a Free Roost Tee.
  5. We track your sales by the discount coupon that your customers use at check out and pay you monthly to your Paypal account.
  6. You have the option to save your commission and swap for any Roost Bike product.

Roost Army commission rates on products your followers buy off the Roost Bike website.

Frames = 10% to you
All other components = 20% to you

Marketing assets

Roost Bike will provide you with logos and marketing photos when needed. You can also use what is on our socials. If you need anything to assist with posts just ask. From time to time we will run promos and give you a special discount coupon for your customers.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1845″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_message]


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