Roost Bike twin Tailgate Pads


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Roost Bike tailgate pads will protect not only your pickup but also the bikes.

All tail gate pads have protective linings on the inside and  some models have pockets to store tools or parts.


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Roost tailgate pads carry 2 bikes and has a soft velvet type material on the inside to protect your tailgate.

Your reverse camera will still work with twin bike pad

How do you use tailgate pads?

The Roost Bike twin tailgate pads are priced economically when compared to other alternatives on the market. It features straps on the back. This means that when you put it in your truck, your bike doesn’t slide or crash against the sides.

After you securely put the tailgate pads in the back of your truck, simply place your bike there with your front wheel hanging out. Then use the straps to secure the bike(s) in place. (The strap goes over the down tube).

Tailgate pads are preferred because of how easy they are to use. You don’t have to use any cable locks to tie down your bike. Since the Roost Bike twin tailgate pads are padded, your bikes and your truck won’t be damaged. It is made for rough terrains and tracks.

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